Apple Talk

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Madens Folkemøde

In Denmark there is a rich and diverse range of apple varieties with unique taste because of the good and naturally growth condition. In addition, Denmark has an extensive tradition and knowledge about fermentation. Fermentations take place in the process of making alcohol and looking back in time we, there is a long tradition for making alcohol on fruit in Denmark.
At the apple talk at the Slow Food area there is an opportunity to learn about the tradition for making alcohol on Danish apples where the varieties of Danish apples, the fermentation process as well as the craftsmanship behind the production is the focus. The producers are:
• Jens Peter Bak from Nagelsbjerg Vin​
• Kirsten Rohde Jensen from UNDERFUNDIG
• August Friedenreich Hage from Oremandsgaard Gods

After the debate it is possible to participate in a tasting of 7 kinds of alcohol made on Danish apples. There will be sparkling apple wine made on the traditional champagne method from Nagelsbjerg Vin, a Gin from apples and two different Brandy’s from apples from Oremandsgaard Gods and the traditional “mjod” on apples from UNDERFUNDIG.