God jul og godt nytår fra Slow Food (English)

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Kære medlemmer og venner af Slow Food København-Nordsjælland
Af hensyn til vores internationale venner, er dette nyhedsbrev på engelsk. Det håber jeg, alle kan forstå og have glæde af – med håbet om en god jul og godt nytår til jer alle sammen.

Dear members and friends of Slow Food Copenhagen-North Zealand

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the board of Slow Food Copenhagen and myself. I would also like to briefly tell you about the past couple of month and the work we have been doing, as well as tell you a little about what we will be doing in 2018.

Slow Food International Congress

At the end of September, Katrine Klinken (Slow Food International Council representing the Nordic Countries) and I were delegated to represent Slow Food in Denmark at the international congress of Slow Food in Chengdu, China. Kim Mühlhahn from the board of Copenhagen-North Zealand came along as an observer.
The congress itself entailed input from Slow Food representatives from across the planet, addressing some of the many challenges we all share in the modern food system. We spent time discussing new ways for Slow Food to engage and react to these problems and help small scale producers of good, clean and fair food across the globe. Slow Food is working on a new strategy, which means that the organization will become more open to collaborations and alliances and to creating effective networks instead of a strict focus on membership – also meaning that the term convivium will change to community – us becoming the Slow Food Copenhagen-North Zealand community.


Slow Cheese Copenhagen

On the 4 th of November, we hosted the 2 nd edition of Slow Cheese Copenhagen, a cheese festival with producers of cheese, wine, beer, condiments, bread and more from Denmark and Skåne (and one Norwegian), tasting workshops and debates on amongst other themes raw milk cheese.

The day was a great success, with about 35 exhibitors and more than 600 happy visitors, tasting all sorts of cheese from interesting and good, clean and fair producers of high quality. The event was held at Copenhagen Food Space in collaboration with Ost & Ko. Hopefully we will be able to repeat the event next year and manifest our support to the many great, independent and delicious producers of real cheese in our region.


Terra Madre Nordic

On 28.-29. of April 2018 we are organizing Terra Madre Nordic, the meeting of the Nordic Slow Food network of small-scale, high-quality producers, activists, academics and cooks. The event is a collaboration of over 40 partners, consisting of Slow Food groups from all of the Nordic countries and other partners, producers, universities and more and is based on funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers. Over the weekend, we will present a marketplace with exhibitors of products from across the Nordic region. A range of taste workshops and tastings will focus on product pairings and production methods, while talks, panels and debates will explore the politics of food.

The objectives are to start a dialogue across the Nordic countries about sustainable food production and consumption, create stronger, dedicated networks and relaunch the conversation about good, clean and fair New Nordic Food.

Follow the event here – we hope to see all of you there!

Besides this big event, we will of course be organizing smaller events and dinners throughout 2018, so please follow the website and our facebook page for information.


I wish you all merry Christmas and a happy 2018

Johan K. Dal
Slow Food Copenhagen-North Zealand