Cheese talks – Madens Folkemøde

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For the cheese lovers, or anyone who wants to know more about cheese. On our scene at Madens Folkemøde  you will be able to hear about raw milk cheese making and historical Danish cheese culture.

But what is historical Danish cheese culture?
We must talk and taste ourselves through Danish cheese history – from the famous thybo cheese in the 1700s over the sheep milk cheese on the smaller farms via Maribo tradition in the early 1900s to the danbo domination today. The food historian Asmus Gamdrup Jensen will tell and discuss how we can understand the cheese history and the historical taste of cheese. At the same time as we taste some of these traditional cheeses.

And now about raw milk cheese making! This is illegal in Denmark as it has been assessed as “dangerous”. We must therefore just enjoy raw milk cheeses from our neighboring countries, where you still have confidence in the cheese craft. Our cheese experts Emilie Daugbjerg Christensen and Marie Linea Østergaard will organise a cheese tasting where they will, with different cheeses, undress the myths about these “dangerous” cheeses, and get you to discover their amazing tastes!